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LTCB Akkupack

In the LTCB series, the switching power supply is replaced by an 86 Wh accumulator. The controller is only slightly longer than the LTC series. The mounting points are identical for all series. The controller is mounted, connected and configured in the same way as the standard controller with power supply.

The battery pack is inserted at the end where the mains plug is plugged in for the LTCB series. The capacity of the accumulators is generously dimensioned, as a rule operation over several months is possible.

The battery pack can be changed easily. The battery pack can be charged inside or outside the controller. The external charging option ensures that there is always a charged battery pack in the controller.

4 LEDs on the battery pack indicate − after pressing the red button − the current state of charge. Charging takes place via a world voltage plug-in power supply unit.


LTCB range | battery
Max. power 300 W 380 W 380 W
Input internal accumulator internal accumulator internal accumulator
Output voltage 24 V 24 V 24 V
Total output current 15 A 19 A 19 A
Motor channels 2 3 4
Max. current per channel 12 A 12 A 12 A
Continuous duty up to 100 W total load 100 W total load 100 W total load
Standby power 250 mW 250 mW 250 mW
Synchronization through bus through bus through bus
Size 38,5 x 62 x 303 mm 38,5 x 62 x 303 mm 38,5 x 62 x 303 mm
Measurement LTCB

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