Optically appealing control panels

For the control of the controllers, a large number of attractive control panels are offered, which can be adapted for a large number of applications.

Control panels without height display

The most inexpensive series have 2 - 4 keys for up, down and up to 2 memory positions.

Control panels with height display

The control panels with height display show the current height of the table or the position of the drive.

Wireless control panels

Up to 15 wireless control units can be connected to the controller, which can then all control the controller. A BLE module is required in the controller for this.

Gesture command

The controllers can be operated via gestures. For this purpose, the controller is equipped with an optical sensor for operation. This is particularly useful in sterile or dirty environments.

APP operation

All controllers that are equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi modules can also be operated via an APP. All functions are available in the APP which are also available in the control panels. Further information can be found under APP's and Tools.

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