Communication across all channels

The Laing controllers offer a wide range of communication options.

BLE can be used to connect the controller to a smartphone or PC, by WiFi it can be connected to a higher-level control or integrated into a company network. WiFi also allows to control a multitude of controllers by a PC in addition to the operation by the individual control panels. By ModBus, even complex movements can be controlled using the information available in the controller such as position, speed and current.

Laing Controllers can be equipped with various communication possibilities through the controller-integrated expansion ports so they are optimally suited for applications like: The following communication options are available:
Internet of things BLE
Office 4.0 WiFi
Office-on-demand-solutions RS 485 / ModBus
Industry 4.0 Wireless control panels
Home automation Analog input
Voice-activated input  
Fitness Apps  

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