The Controller Platform

The Controller Platform

from low cost to uses with 24 drives

New development

The Laing LTC series controllers are a completely new development using the latest design topologies and components. The aluminum housing insures efficient heat dissipation and enables the controller to run continuously in most applications.

Bluetooth and NFC option

The bluetooth option integrated into the housing permits control by smart phone or computer. The integrated NFC option allows the controller to be configured without the need to power it up or to take it out of the box.


The bus system allows for an easy configuration and the synchronization of up to 4 controllers.

Wireless synchronization

The controllers can be adapted to all kinds of applications. When required, up to 5 controllers can run in parallel, whereby a wireless synchronization is also possible.

Wireless access by smart phone

Besides the traditional control panels operation, controllers can also be accessed wirelessly by a smart phone or a computer. Naturally, control can also be handled by an smart phone App.


The Laing controllers feature the latest circuit topologies, highest efficiency and best connectivity. With integrated power supply and up to 4 motor power amplifiers! All motor outputs are either synchronized (LTC series) or individually controllable (LMC series).

With their compact design, the Laing controllers are considerably smaller than comparable controllers. An extruded aluminium housing for heat dissipation for the power electronics allows longer operating times. Our controllers have an internal expansion port, e.g. for BlueToothLE and Wi-Fi.

Integration into higher-level systems is made possible by communication via ModBus. A controller-integrated long-term test and acoustic feedback via drives are included in our controllers. They have powerful configuration software.

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