The controller platform
from low-cost to applications with up to 24 drives.

Battery version for line independent operation

Communicative: BLE, WiFi, ModBus, controller-embedded

Compact and powerful

European and USA approvals

Wireless operation via BLE

Powerful configuration tools

1 to 4 motor outputs

New development

The Laing LTC series controllers are a completely new development using the latest design topologies and components. The aluminum housing insures efficient heat dissipation and enables the controller to run continuously in most applications.


Whether BLE, WiFi, the Cloud or ModBus, all communication channels can be used.


Powerful software tools allow easy configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the controllers.

Easy synchronization

Simply plug two controllers into the control unit and they are synchronized.


Our Apps offer a whole variety of functions to the user.

The universal controller series for low-cost table applications up to high-end industrial applications.


Laing Controller

  • Same operating elements and the same operating philosophy for all versions
  • Same software tools and configuration files for all versions
  • 1 to 4 motor outputs per controller for all versions
  • 230 VAC EU version and 115 VAC US version
  • Battery version with controller-integrated rechargeable battery
  • 24 V DC version
  • Controller-integrated high-sensitivity collision detection sensor
  • Occupancy detection via collision sensor
  • Acoustic feedback to the operator via tone sequences
  • Cascading of standard controllers through the control panel
  • Cascading of up to 6 controllers and definition of up to 4 groups via the HUB
  • BLE based wireless control panels
  • Controller-integrated BLE or WiFi
  • Integration into higher-level controls via standard ModBus
  • Remote maintenance and configuration via the cloud interface
  • Apps for control via smart phone
  • Safety stop and safety connection option for contact bars and light curtains

LTC Range

all motor outputs are synchronized (desktop applications)

LMC Range

each motor output can be controlled individually (industrial applications)

With their compact design, the Laing controllers are considerably smaller than comparable controllers. An aluminium housing, for heat dissipation of the power electronics, allows higher powers over a longer period of time. The controllers have an internal expansion port for BLE and WIFI. All external connection options remain accessible.

The ModBus based communication allows for an easy integration into higher-level controls. The controller-integrated long-term test allows the performance of long term tests without the need to connect any external device. The acoustic feedback via the driven motors allows for a reliable configuration, even if only a two-button control panel is connected to the controller.

Easy to use and powerful configuration software allows the controller to be quickly adapted to individual requirements. Even customers can make changes, if they have been authorized for, very easily. The open architecture and the BLE-, WiFi- and ModBus-interfaces in the controller enable configuration and troubleshooting through the Internet. In almost all cases this can substitute personal visits to the customer’s site.

Laing Controller: the universal controller series for low-cost table applications up to high-end industrial applications.

Theodor-Heuss-Str. 23
71566 Althuette | Germany

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