Laing GyroSense

Even hitting a soft ball or a soft armrest is reliably detected by the GyroSense.

Laing GyroSense, the controller-integrated solution for reliable collision detection


Any controller for height-adjustable furniture is only as good as its collision detection system.

This is why the Laing Controllers are equipped with a highly sensitive sensor that reacts to even the smallest changes in the inclination of the tabletop. The inclination change and the inclination change speed are evaluated for this purpose. This guarantees a highly sensitive collision detection, even with very rigid connections between tabletop and table frame.

The Laing GyroSense also reacts when the entire table is tilted and works equally well in both directions, independent of the load on the table. The sensitivity and reaction to a detected collision are configurable and can also be adjusted by using the control panels. Since the sensor is integrated into the controller it does not need to be mounted or connected. Of course it is also possible to use the GyroSense in combination with the current based collision detection and the GraviSense.

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71566 Althuette | Germany

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