Software tools

For the configuration and monitoring of the Laing Controllers powerful software tools are offered for the PC. Communication between the controller and the PC is established by a USB to RS485 interface cable.


With the Wizard, all settings necessary for operation such as speed and ramps can be performed. The Hall sensor pulses per mm and the direction of the motors and Hall sensors can be determined in an easy way. Once the configuration is completed a configuration file can be created which can be used to configure further controllers.


The Downloader poses a simple tool to upload configuration files into other controllers. The controller only needs to be connected to the interface cable. A mains connection is not required.The download is performed in a few seconds, then the controller is configured.

Long-term test tool

This tool is used to enter the parameters for the long-term test. The controller then carries out this test independently, no connection to the PC is required. To read out the actual status the PC can be reconnected at any time.

Service tool

All status information can be read out using the Service tool. This tool also enables for all controller settings to be made. Graphical evaluations are also possible, which are helpful for setting the control parameters. This tool is in general used by the Laing Service team.

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